Challenge Accepted

Yesterday was Sunday. I was at church. It was a good service. It was on finishing well. The pastor talked of how at times we start things with so much enthusiasm but as we go along, the fun kinda dies down and we start slowing down even to dragging ourselves and at times we stop altogether and give up. You need to remain focused on the goal no matter what. That was a good sermon.

So, after service there’s the meet and greet and catch up with friends and I was doing this with one of my friends who is a fashion blogger, an awesome one at it I must add, Liz Madowo. You can check her out and she happened to call me out on how I have become such a poor blogger. And she was like ‘I think you blog once a year’ and I was genuinely challenged. She took me back to when I started blogging and I could almost not get enough of it and now? Ah ah. I decided I will not take that sitting. I was going to do something about it.

So, I will start with a goal of at least two blogs a week; at least but definitely the limit is up to me. Lol. So consistent blogging I shall blog.

Liz, you better read each and every one of my entries seeing as you will be directly responsible for them.

See, putting the sermon into or practise.  Making sure I finish well… Hihi…



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