If you are open and honest enough with yourself and the world, every day will be a learning curve for you, especially about you.

I think it is most difficult to face ourselves. The truths, the failures, the weaknesses. Admitting stuff to oneself is most difficult yet the truth indeed sets you free.

I am reading Steve Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and I am learning a lot about taking responsibility of circumstances. Not letting life happen to you by reacting to situations but instead, responding. There’s talk about what our main focus is on life and how that easily has an effect on how we make our decisions and the kind of decisions we make. Money is good and necessary but if you make it a centre, well, there’s very little you will not be able to do to get it. And I thought I was above it but I got a rude, loving awakening as on the other hand I am praying asking God to humble me.

Today was a good day. Learned something new about me and as much as it was a bitter peel to swallow, I am the better for it.

Goodnight/Good day (depending on your time zones).



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