Texting tings

I am not a good speaker, especially when caught off guard. I need to think through my words, and organise them in a certain way in my head before I can open my mouth. When I feel I don’t have enough information, silence becomes my best friend. Sometimes I think it’s cos writing is my thing. It’s so,much easier I think. Okay, I totally hide behind my writing…

When I’m writing, I don’t see the other person, therefore I don’t know their reactions and I do not then hold back from speaking my mind. I prefer it to calling or even just one on one conversations, especially when a confrontation is looming. I can’t fight verbally but in writing… And I think God knew it hence the gift of writing. He knew it was going to be my ammunition when need be, lol. That does not mean though that I cannot stand my own. I totally can, when pushed to the wall. I just don’t like it. The written word I can say is my safe space. Where I can get away from the hustle and bustle of life and just be.

P/s: be careful of some of the prayers you pray. God at times can just go ahead and answer them and then you’re like ‘I didn’t mean you do it so fast’ Hihi.



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