Life as a race

Life is like a race and everyone must run their own race.

Yes we do have people who cheer us along the way and it is important. There are others who start with us to give us the much needed confidence to just start but they fall back behind and let us do our thing.

There are others who will run alongside us and they will give us some companionship as we all run on our own track.

The ones on the sidelines cheering us on. They keep us going. They remind us why we do what we do. Hearing our name being chanted in the crowd somehow provides the much needed energy to stay the course but even when we can’t hear the cheers, we must cheer ourselves up. You are, or should be, your own number 1 fan. No one should cheer louder than you.

There are also those who jeer at us. Those who will try to discourage us by saying mean things. Don’t bother much about what they have to say. Just remember, to be true to thineself at all times. They could slow you down a bit,with their jests and all but keep going. Seeing as we all have our own race, you are in competition with no one. So, don’t let yourself be distracted.

Then there are those waiting for us at the finish line with a bottle of cold water that is always so refreshing after a run. They also probably have a towel for you to wipe off the sweat. And they celebrate your victory with you, it’s like their own.

Life is a race; everyone has his own to run. Stay focused on the goal; the end game. Never lose sight of that. And you will find yourself enjoying the race. You will do it at your own pace. The rules are different for every race. You will stop comparing yourself with others. You will become authentic

Enjoy the feel of the air in your head, it is about you and only you. Some of the rules are standard, others you will set as you go. Enjoy the process. Stop to smell the roses on the way. Create .memories. Even help others you’ll meet along the way. No good deed ever slows you down.

Go run your race.



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