Passive Curtains

I am or have been a very passive person in the past. I do not like it very much to ruffle feathers; so I maintain the status quo. It is much easier anyway. In my passiveness, I became lazy. I did not like doing the hard work of the heavy lifting but expect stuff to happen.

I have been furnishing my super awesome house and I chose a place to get my curtains done. They looked like they knew what they were doing. I sent the measurements and once the job was done, called a cab to pick them and drop them home. My 6th sense told me to send half of the money and the rest after delivery but I decided otherwise and true to the 6th sense, they had not done what I expected. The curtains are shorter. Now, they said I can go and take the curtains back for repair but I’m not feeling that story. Remember, this is money I have spent. So maybe I should actually up and go and ask them what madness they were thinking? But the other part of me is like make do with what you have and we will get new curtains in due time.

An agrresive person, like my sister, would have brought the skies down. And I am not saying I need to be one a drama queens, although at times that’s what it takes to get what you want, sadly so. But I need to speak out more against things done that I don’t agree with; need to stand up for myself. I know I am a peace loving human but as I say, even Jesus chased people using a whip… Lol. So it is okay to lose it at times, of course for a worthy cause. My curtains were/are a worthy cause and my theme is Just do it…

Now that we have figured this out, I will be conscience about it from now on and do what needs to be done. The curtains, I think I will get another supplier. šŸ™ˆ



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