I have loved and been loved. I have lost a lot in this game called love. I have loved those I knew could never be mine. I have been loved by those I knew we would never be. I have loved those who there was great hope but then, something happens and the light at the end of the love tunnel, went out. I have seen love grow and blossom around me and end in the majestic down the altar walk. I have celebrated others’ love. I have seen the pain that some have experienced in the name of love.

Love is a beautiful thing but also a double edged sword if it is not reciprocated. Solomon wrote and said that we should not awaken love until it so pleases. Maybe I have been going about love the wrong way. Someone else said, love happens when you’re busy doing other things. I guess that means love has all of our addresses and it will always come around, most times not when we expect it but it does find its way to our doorsteps.

2016, the year of just do it, I will not chase after love. I will not be on the look out for a potential someone to share his love with me. Okay, I will try; very hard not to. I will however, live life. And share the love I have with the people around. And will let love locate me when it will be ready to do so. I will not be sad about it; I will do it with a smile on my face. I pray it finds me sooner, but I will not hold my breath for it. It will happen when it’s supposed to happen.



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