Facing fears

I faced a fear yesterday;escalators. I know, you’re probably smiling at yourself thinking, ‘really?’ 

My friend and I decided to go watch’Spectre’ at planet cinema in Westgate Shopping Mall and the only way to get to the cinema is through an escalator ride. I was anxious just thinking about it. 

A brief background. I was at the movies, still at Westgate, like 5 years ago. I had on this long flowing dress; yes, it was a date. And as we were descending, almost stepping off, my dress got caught! So yes, they had to switch off the escalator and I had to pull my dress, which ended up with a tear and that was when the relationship was severed, between me and escalators.

So, I guess my love for James Bond was motivation enough for me to step on it and face this fear that has held me hostage for like 5 years! It was scary but I felt pretty good after it. Who knew, 2015 still has a few surprises up its sleeves.

Take out: fears can be overcome and I think we all have our own timings for facing them and that’s okay. Don’t feel bad if it takes you longer to deal. I mean, who’s the judge of how long it should take anyone to deal with something anyway? So, I am not saying I will be jumping at escalators but at least I took a first step and I think the next time it will be less fearful and after a while, I should ‘got this’. 





5 thoughts on “Facing fears

  1. OK, not gonna lie – I did smile at first. But everyone has stupid fears. Mine are clowns, believe it or not. So whenever those stupid “family friendly” ones come out to greet children, I almost feel like shitting by pants. You do got this 🙂

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