He Cares about the Lil Things

Thou shalt call His name Jesus, for He shalt save His people from their sin. Matt 1:21

God cares about the little things, like the naming of a child. He takes care of everything and nothing is too big for Him to manage or too small for Him not to deal with. That is including the details of your birth and the where… And everything He allows connects to every other part of your life somehow.

There are times we go through stuff and we think them trivial to talk to God sboit it but if it is happening to you, then He wants to know it and be part of it cos you are His baby and that is not changing any time soon. Lol.

It’s just comforting to know that He cares about the details which makes me wonder, why do we say ” the devil is in the details” is he truly? Lol. I digress. I’m just happy to know, that the Creator of the universe will probably not mind listening to me rave on and on about my broken nail. Haha.

Mewwy Chwistmas! Jesus is the reason for the season, don’t forget that.




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