Daily Heavenly Manna December 10

Them that honor Me, I will honor. – 1 Samuel 2:30

IN whatever department of the Lord’s service He is pleased to open the door of opportunity to us, we should enter it promptly and with energy–with zeal for Him and for the cause to which He has called us. This is one condition of our acceptableness to Him. If we are slothful, inattentive to opportunities, undoubtedly they will be removed from us, and given to others, for the Lord is abundantly able to raise up one or another to serve His cause without interfering with, or overruling our free moral agency. Let us more and more appreciate what a privilege we enjoy in being co-laborers together with God, and especially in connection with this great service which our Lord and Master Jesus is exercising, and to fellowship in which we have been called, as His bride and joint-heir. Z. ’01-317 R2888:6

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