‘Never lie’ One of Olivia Pope’s rule when she’s handling someone. If she is handling you, it’s because you need to be handled and more often than not, it is because you have done something or something has happened that is of a magnitude that could cause a lot of damage. It got me thinking though, ‘How many of us lie on a daily basis, at times without even knowing that we are lying?’

Are you true to yourself? Every day you wake up and go about your day, are you always being true to yourself? Are you following the rule for ‘ Never lie’ or have you perfected the art of it that you can almost never tell, if you’re lying or not? A bit confused? The skies will clear soon enough… Every time you are not being true to yourself, you are telling a lie.

How do we do this? By downplaying ourselves; selling ourselves short; apologising for being ourselves; taking a back seat when we know the driver’s seat is where we belong. Not saying ‘I love you’ soon enough because ‘What would the world think?’ Not rising up to the occasion because ‘I don’t have the papers’. Every time you give an excuse to cover up your true intentions, you are telling a lie. No one else may know it, but you are important enough of you know the truth and don’t abide by it.

I realise I have been lying a lot in my life. Always second guessing myself, not because I cannot do something but because I give excuses as to why I should not be the one to do it; or why it does not make sense for me to be doing it or because there is a certain time frame or procedures for certain things to take place. Really? Till when will I lie by not being my true self? By using the excuse ‘Maybe they are not ready for me yet.’ But how is that my problem? I was created for a purpose, I have a job to do i.e. living life to the fullest so every time I am not doing that, I am lying.

And I’m like ‘No more!’ I have already lost a lot of opportunities and time because I wanted to be politically correct, no needed but no more. I will no longer loom in the shadows, afraid to let my light shine because of some baseless fears. I will rise up to the occasion and I will be true to myself. My truth doesn’t have to be your truth, and I don’t need anyone to validate my truth because it is based on His word and He already validated me, so…

I live life with boundaries; too many in fact that there is hardly ever room to do a jig. I thought I was protecting myself but I was doing more harm than good; the boundaries ended up becoming prisons; cages, that keep me from living an abundant life but I say No more!

No more will I let fear be the guide of me. Perfect love casts out fear and God’s love that dwells in me is perfect, therefore fear should not have any space in my life, and it shouldn’t be informing my decisions. Easier said than done, right? Well, wanting to do it is the first step towards making it a reality.

I want to stop living by some imaginary rules of the society or universe. I want to be present in every moment and not merely exist and above all I want to stop living like I am apologetic for the opportunities that the Lord has granted me and I want to start owning them and living them. I want to rise to every occasion I need to. Because I am a child of God and that gives me authority to do and be all I want with no apologies to anyone.

No more!



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