You realise that there’s always more than enough time. To start that new thing, or stop that old thing or finish that which is pending. Every day is a new day for you to start afresh. It is a blank page and you get to decide what story your life will tell. So stop looking at the time that has passed, you can’t do much with that. Decide what you want tomorrow to look like and start the process today. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. And don’t want to climb the mountain in one day, the pressure will easily make you not start the journey. Break it down into manageable steps. Today, pack what you’ll need for the climb. Tomorrow, get yourself to the mountain. The day after, take the first few steps and when you tire, stop and catch your breath. Also don’t forget to stop and smell the roses on the way, remember, it’s not how fast you finish that’s important but that you just finish. So take your time. Decide what the end game is for you and keep at it till  you finish. Remember, life is not a competition. Because we all have different races we are running, it would be unfair to measure ourselves against each other as each race has its own set of rules. Stick to your lane, it always does wonders. #livelifetothefullest #lifeisfortheliving.

Moulding Beauty.


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