Daily Heavenly Manna November 18

The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them. – Psalm 34:7

HOW it enlarges the confidence of a Christian to realize that whilst earthly powers may be in opposition, and whilst he may be really of himself powerless to resist adversaries, and whilst in addition to the flesh and blood adversaries he may realize that he battles also with spiritual wickedness in exalted places–against Satan and his minions of darkness–yet that, on the other hand, “greater is He that is on our part than all that be against us,” and that all the heavenly hosts are subject to the divine will and may be employed for the advancement of the divine cause according to divine wisdom.

It’s awesome to know that the Lord’s got your back no matter what. But do we live our lives like people who know we got our Father’s backing? Do we act entitled, because we are. Entitled to win the wars that are thrown at us. We are more than conquerors and that allows us to behave entitled, with the enemy of course, and with all the mountains we face. These are the things we pull the line ‘Do you know who my Father is?’ with attitude from here to Timbuktu, and you walk away majestically and graciously from the situation, knowing full well that your Father’s got your back and that means you will be okay; you are okay.

Question is, do we know this?

Moulding Beauty.


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