Daily Heavenly Manna November 12

Be not faithless, but believing. – John 20:27

IT is impossible for us to come near to the Lord except as we shall exercise faith and trust in Him, in His goodness, in His power, in His wisdom, in His love….Faith is a matter of cultivation, of development. The same apostles who cried out in terror when the storm was upon the Sea of Galilee gradually grew stronger and stronger in faith until, as the records show, they could and did trust the Lord in His absence and where they could not trace Him. Similarly it should be a part of our daily lesson to cultivate trust in the Lord, and to think of the experiences in the past in our lives and all of these lessons in His Word, that thus our faith in Him may become rooted and grounded.

This goes to show that for one to get close to God and man in general, there needs to be aspects of belief in the person and trust. Believing God; having faith in Him in His goodness and faithfulness. Trusting that He will do what He has said He will do without doubt. And looking at your past experiences to see the times He has come through for you and you remember that He is the same God, yesterday, today, and forever. That He changes not. Therfore if He did it before, He can do it again. The more we trust Him, the closer our relationship gets.

Same to earthly relationships. If you do not trust someone, then your relationship is a bit flaky. Because, what do to ever talk about with someone you don’t trust? You definitely cannot be vulnerable with them. And I feel that in vulnerability we find closeness, because you allow someone to see into your soul. When you trust someone, you know they have your back and you can count on them and that does something to a relationship. When you trust someone, you are willing to share yourself with them; you invite them into your space and such relationships are the ones that have depth.

Are your relationships, both in heaven and on earth, governed by faith and trust and belief?

Moulding Beauty.


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