Daily Heavenly Manna November 4

He made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant. – Philippians 2:7

AS no man is able to serve two masters and satisfy both, and do justice to both, their interests conflicting, no more can we serve God and righteousness, and at the same time be pleasing and acceptable to the adversary and those who are in harmony with him who now rules in this present dispensation, the “prince of this world.” All of the Lord’s consecrated people, those who would lay up treasures in heaven and be rich toward God, must be willing to become of no reputation amongst those who are not consecrated, and who, whatever their professions, are really serving Mammon, selfishness, and the present life, and not sacrificing these interests to the attainment of the heavenly Kingdom. Z. ’00-318 R2717:5

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2 thoughts on “Daily Heavenly Manna November 4

  1. Great post Imperfections…
    God says in His word that ” I would rather you be hot or cold…”
    When one is lukewarm, the Lord shall spew him/ her out of His mouth and shall not be glorified with Him in eternal glory.
    We have one master as Christians, and we should decide to serve Him solely as Jesus did. In the gospel of John, Christ said that He was there to serve the Father (God), and that He came to fulfil His will. We are here to do His will and not our will, neither the will of the other master of this world.
    As Joshua said, ” chose today who you shall serve; but as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord”. Chose to serve only God today.

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