Love is Unchanging

Stability in love is not letting circumstances change your behaviour. It does not mean you don’t get angry or hurt, but even then, you remain stable; consistent. People always know what to expect from you, come rain or sunshine.

Most of us change with our circumstances. Someone annoys us at work, everyone who meets us after work will know there’s something wrong because of how we behave. Someone says something that offends us and the whole world, at times through social media, lol, will know hell has been broken loose. That makes us unstable people; those around us never know what to expect with our attitude/behaviour. Isn’t that why we are able to to go to God over and over again? Because He is stable; He changes not; the same yesterday, today and forever. With God, you always know what you are getting. You know if you don’t do this, this is the consequence and if you do this, this will be the outcome. And that remains for every one of us, every single day. If we are willing and available, then God will definitely work it out in us; to become stable.

Can the people around you be so confident about you? Are you so stable in who you are that no matter what happens, you’re still the same person? As Christians, our goal is to become more like Christ and so if He is stable, then we also ought to become stable and as the Bible says, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


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