Living with God’s Thoughts, Will and Emotions

As believers, we need to learn how to understand the soul, which is made up of the intellect, will and emotions. Since it is full of “self” and does not want to submit to the Holy Spirit, it must be purified.

Because we are free moral agents, our own minds tell us what we think, but our thoughts are not necessarily God’s thoughts.
Our wills dictate what we want, even if it conflicts with what He wants for us.

Our emotions govern our feelings, when in reality our hearts should only be subject to God and His Word.

God wants us to replace our thoughts, desires, and feelings with His. And we cannot live in victory until we do.

Start by telling God you want to live His way. In Romans 6, Paul urges us to “offer” ourselves to Him. Make a choice today, not to use your soul for yourself, but to instead offer it all to God.

As the soul is purified it is trained to carry God’s thoughts, desires and feelings, and then you will become a powerful outlet for His glory.

Prayer Starter: Lord, my thoughts are sinful, I don’t always want what You want, and my feelings try to rebel against Your Word, but I don’t want to live that way any longer. Father, I offer my soul to You, knowing that when I do, You can purify me and use me to accomplish Your will.

Romans 6:13


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