Tonight before I close my eyes, I need to say thank you to the Lord who has been my fortress. He has been faithful, even when I am faithless. He has upheld me and come through for me in ways only He could. He has her, Jehovah Jireh, providing for me over and over, even when I doubted Him.

I just glanced at my life and I realised it is all the work of grace and not anything that I do or do not do. I am not where I am or I do not enjoy the things I do because I am better than other people, it is because of grace; unearned, unmerited; undeserved favour.

Thank you Lord for being God. For a roof over my head; for clothes on my body; food on my table; a job; family and friends; people who love me and care for me; those who’ve hurt me and made me stronger and better. Thank you for them all and may I live to worship you.

Moulding Beauty.


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