Daily Heavenly Manna October 27

My times are in Thy hand. – Psalm 31:15

ALL of the Lord’s consecrated servants devoted their lives to sacrifice when they became followers of the Lamb, and if they could but realize their consecration continually, they would be ready for the sonsummation at any moment at the Lord’s pleasure and by whatever means or channel His providences may permit. The Lord’s consecrated ones of the Elijah class are to remember that not a hair of their heads could fall without their Father’s knowledge and permission, and the attitude of their hearts should be that expressed by our dear Redeemer–the Head of the Elijah body–“The cup which My Father hath poured for me, shall I not drink it?” The language of their hearts should be that expressed by the poet: “Content whatever lot I see, Since ’tis my God that leadeth me.” Z. ’04-237 R3408:5

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And when you know that the Lord is in control; that He has your life in the palms of His hands; that everything that comes your way is because He has allowed it and in Him allowing it, He believes you can handle it and knows that no matter what, He will make it all work out for your good. Then you can stop complaining and asking ‘ Why me?’ because now you understand that He that sits on the throne above is always in control and that you are safest in His arms, even when you hurt. He got you.

Moulding Beauty.


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