Daily Heavenly Manna October 25

Deal courageously, and the Lord shall be with the good. – 2 Chronicles 19:11

WHOEVER has a duty to perform let him not fear, and while seeking to do unpleasant tasks in a kindly manner, both justly and lovingly, let us fear not man, but rather fear the Lord and be intent on pleasing Him. Let the world fight its fight: the Lord will supervise and the results will be glorious eventually. Let us who belong to the new nation, to the new Kingdom that is not of this world, use no carnal weapons, but the sword of the Spirit–let us fight the good fight of faith, lay hold upon the glorious things set before us, and not only stand ourselves, but help all those begotten of the same Spirit and members of the same heavenly army corps to stand, complete in Him who is the Head of the body, the Captain of our Salvation. Z. ’04-207, 205 R3395:4 R3393:5

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P/s: This is how I know God spoke to me on Friday when I was telling a friend of mine that my attitude at work needs to be saved. I am a perfectionist, not that I am proud of it and I have said it here time and time again. Perfectionism is a terrible master!!! Anyways, I love doing things the right way; the best way possible and so when I think I’ve gotten the best way and then someone comes and chooses a different way that does not look better than my way, then I’d rather not be part of that project. Or if I feel there’s not enough time to get something done perfectly, I’d rather not start it. And so when this project that was taken from still ended up on my desk, I was like ‘ seriously? I thought I was not handling things the right way? Why is this project on my desk?’ And I literally felt God raise his eyebrows at me. ‘Check your attitude young lady,’ He seemed to say. ‘Remember everything you say and do reflects back to me because I’m your Father.’ He continued ‘ And who said your way is the only way? Where is your humility and respect for authority? I know at times it’s difficult ‘to do unpleasant tasks in a kindly manner,’ but I did command that ‘whatever your hands find to do, do it as unto the Lord’. If that becomes your reference point, then it will become easier for you to operate with a smile on your face; without any signs of rebellion because pleasing me, as opposed to man, becomes your motivation. And I guess we both now know that pride still has a room in your heart so… ‘.

I’m glad He checked me. I’m glad He pointed out my attitude and called me out on it. I’m glad He got me uncomfortable with my wrong attitude and my prayer is that He will keep checking me cos then that means I will keep improving and getting better. And I do love doing the unexpected so that when someone expects me to complain about something, I instead smile and go like ‘ you’re the boss’ and not in a sarcastic way, but actually in submission.

P/s: I think the run I had for big bang theory made me borrow Sheldon’s attitude of ‘ this is my turf. I’m the expert here. I know everything!’  lol. Only God has those bragging rights.

Have a blessed Sunday people. God bless and check your attitudes this week!

Moulding Beauty.


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