When a man you love,
Goes down on bended knee
And pops the question,
Asking you to marry him,
And be part of his life forever,
You smile from deep within,
You warm up and light up like a Christmas tree
And more often than not,
Say yes with a few or a lot,
If tears streaming down your face.
You cannot wait to share the news,
With all your close friends and family.
The happiness in that moment,
Cannot be measured or compared

Good thoughts is all you have from then
You smile at everyone and everything
A joy you cannot contain
And then you start the planning,
What theme will I work with?
What kind of dress do I want to wear?
How many people are we inviting?
It’s a whole buzz.
It’s like a high; being on cloud 9
You don’t have time for negativity
And you don’t stop to think what would happen,
If something went wrong.
I mean, ‘will you marry me’
That’s the first step towards forever.
You live in a very colourful bubble
And spread good cheer everywhere you go.

Sometimes though, life happens
And somewhere along the road to happily ever after,
A bump or two can be hit
You could survive the first few,
Determined to get to the other side,
But it times it burns too much,
At times, the tires get too worn out
Before you know it,
You just want to stop.
You don’t want to move anymore
You sit down to catch your breath
And then for the first time you realise,
You have been walking alone for a while.
You search for your Prince charming,
You cannot really see him,
You look in the horizon,
Looks like a shadow disappearing,
‘Could that be him?’

By now, tears stream down your face freely,
Blocking your view; you can’t see clearly,
But somewhere deep down,
You feel the fairy tale story,
Slowly disappear.
Everything that a few months ago made you glow,
Now only serves to make you cry,
The plans and the dreams,
All come crumbling down,
Shattering into small minute pieces.
You try to put them together,
You gather them like you would dust after sweeping a floor,
Hoping not to lose even one piece,
This can be mended, right?

But slowly you realise it’s only wishful thinking,
The dream has evaporated and disappeared,
And he is nowhere to be seen.
And slowly it starts to dawn on you,
The trip to forever land,
Has just been cut short.
No amount of crying or wishing,
Will get you back on that train.
The pain in your heart is like no other,
You opened up yourself to Romeo,e
You let them in to your deepest parts,
But they; he, didn’t know what to do with all of you,
So he disappeared.
Without a word or a note,
Just walked away till you could see him no more,
Left you with the pieces to deal with.

It’s like you put your life on rewind,
It’s like it was all but a dream,
You get back to the engagement,
You remove the ring and set it aside,
It no longer represents what you believed,
And that is the final step, acceptance.
You decide to accept and move on.
Though wounded, you walk on.
After all, doesn’t God specialise in broken spirits and wounded souls?
This will be a walk in the park for him.
It was good while it lasted.
The dream was perfect for the moment you had it,
Now it’s been taken away and nothing you can do about it,
So you let go and let God.
A broken engagement is better than a broken marriage any day.

You walk you to dream again…



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