My poison…

I think,i have become dependant on my DVD. Yeah, I know how cheesy that sounds but it feels true. It just hit me how uneasy I get when I don’t have a series of movie to watch when I’m in the house. There is cable TV but that easily gets boring; I actually haven’t paid my subscription for like 2 months now and series’ became my best friend!

I know I’ve always been a TV addict but this feels like it’s gone to the next level. My TV is off right now. I had taken a nap and now I’m reading but I’m feeling a bit “incomplete”. And that’s when it hit me, I am quite dependant on this things. 

Other than being entertaining, they help me escape certain thoughts that I simply cannot do in the silence of a switched of TV! I find myself starting to think and at times that’s a good thing but other times, not necessarily. This is one of those times. I will deal when I’m ready to deal. Right now, I need my stash in the form of big bang theory.

P/s: if there’s an SA (series anonymous) you know of, hook me up!!!

Hi Sheldon.



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