Back to Basics

Every time I deviate from my love of writing to want to write for the masses, I go blank. The blankness, I believe, is to remind me why I started writing in the first place. Why did I start this blog? To speak my heart out and hopefully inspire a would at a time along the way. But at times the pressure is real. When you look at other people who’s blogs are receiving awards and have hundreds of followers and somewhere, a part of you wishes you could also get there. And so you think it is because you simply write your words and not for the masses and so you try to come up with posts that sound popular. Only that they lose the one thing that makes people enjoy someone else’s talent, the heart in it.

So, I’m back to the basics. Writing about my every day experiences and lessons on this blog that I have had for what now? 4years? Wow. And I am grateful for those who stop by to read and even follow me. At times I think y’all are crazy, in a good way, of course, for enjoying my words. No, you guys helped build my confidence that my words actually do speak… So thank you for that.

Imperfectous, letting her words tell their own story…


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