Grey’s Anatomy

Been watching the 11th season of Grey’s Anatomy and it’s like my heart was broken into pieces when Derek died. I was too convinced that he couldn’t die. He’s Derek. Like, when Christina left, it was hard but I coul manage. At least there’s hope she can make a comeback. But Derek dying is final. The end. And if this is not the last season, I’m not sure I can continue watching Grey’s. I think this relationship is over. Lol. Thanks Shonda for 11 awesome seasons. Moving on to your next awesome productions.

That aside, I am quite the hoarder. I hold on to things. I’m not good with letting go. Everything has a memory attached to it; a story. How do you just let it go or give it out? But I am making a conscious decision to start letting go of things, because holding on to things prevents new experiences and new opportunities and new memories. And I know at times new is scary coz old we know; and we understand and it’s familiar and certain. And new, is just a whole lot of new. And some of us are not good with new. It doesn’t come easy but it is possible. So, as I count down to my birthday, new year, new things, I make a conscious decision to stop being a hoarder.




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