Long Distance Relationship

If you would have asked me when I was younger, I would have sworn that I could never be caught dead in a long distance relationship. I mean, who does that? I didn’t date in high school coz I was in boarding school and I couldn’t for the life of me understand dating via letters. Flash forward years later after high school and I find myself in a long distance relationship. One in which the distance is covered by oceans…lol.

It is not the easiest of things. Thank God for all the technology as it is the technology that allowed this handsome man and I to cross paths again. He was my secret crush in high school. Nothing ever happened back then but I must be irresistible… he came looking for me. And thanks to Zuckerberg(I hope that’s his name and spelling) lol, Facebook made me easy to be found. That he is in the army does not help matters much but you know what, the heart loves what the heart loves.

Even with the distance, we still get things to fight about. You would think because of the distance, we would be all lovey dovey, all the time. Shock on us all. Lol. But everytime I hear his voice, it melts my heart and I almost forget what we were fighting over.

I have always been shy of writing about him here but today it felt right. No pressure; no drama; just to mention. My high school secret crush now the man who makes my heart skip a beat. We are not perfect; perfect would be too boring but we give it our best I believe. At times we do. At times we both become stubborn…haha. But I think at the core of it, we love each other and that’s what counts? Right?

P/s: don’t do lont distance if you don’t have to. It is not a ride in the park. If anything, it’s like climbing Mt. Kenya or something. Lol. But listen to your heart because the heart is actually stronger than we at times give it credit for. I think he may make me a lot of money by me talking about us. Lol

Love you bae.

Moulding Beauty.


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