This is an over due title post. I am currently in the Coastal part of my beautiful country Kenya and we are in traffic and then this very elderly woman and what looks like her grandchild are being helped to cross the road by a good samaritan. There’s a lorry right next to our car and the driver doesn’t seem to be patient with these two and so in their attempt to not risk any accident, they hurry across and they end up stepping on some muddy water. They are both barefoot and with not much on their body for clothes. This causes something to shift in me.

I find myself humbled as I think of all the little blessings I have in my life. The little things I often take for granted. I was causing  a scene at the hotel we stayed at due to poor service. Okay, my room didn’t have water. And right now, in the moment I saw that granny and her grandchild, I realized just how petty I at times get with God. The things I complain about are really non issues, compared to the blessings I have to say thank you.

I am not saying don’t enjoy the good things you have but the next time you are about to complain, really think about it before you complain. Take a while and think of what you actually have first. A heart of gratitude is one of the most beautiful things you can adorn yourself with…


Moulding Beauty


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