New Year. New Experiences. New Memories

The title above is my 2015 theme and it is amazing how this far I have had so many new experiences! The power of the tongue I guess.

I ended last year on a damp note and I wanted to forget all about that and focus on the now and the new. I got a new job that is seeing me handle responsibilities that I never really had envisioned myself handling and it is such a great feeling. Someone once said something to the tune of ‘your end is God’s beginning’. And this year has proved that statement for me. I clearly had undermined God and placed him in a box and did not think he could up what he had done last year,  but my oh my, he always had an extra trick left in his hat. LOL.


I am a happy young lady. Knowing that I am right where I’m supposed to be, as my best friend always reminds me when I start questioning the seasons of life.

There’s an Isaac Houghton song that has the line ‘ It’s not over, till God says so’ and now more than before, I believe it with all of my heart and I hope that you can also step aside, remove the box you have placed God in, sit back and trust him and watch him surprise you beyond your wildest imaginations. I think he very much likes to do that; surprise us.


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