My Movie Guy and Customer Service

My movie guy and I have a love-hate kind of relationship. We are frenemies. Why? The number of times I’ve bought stuff from him,all excited to go watch,only to get home and find he either burned the wrong thing or the DVD is not working. But then, why I keep going back is because one, no matter how crazy I get, he has never lost his cool and he always finds a way to diffuse the tension and I always leave with a smile. Secondly, the few times he will go out of his way to deliver the correct movies, shows me that he actually cares about me, as his client. It communicates to me that he will always make an effort to make sure I am happy. It never did hit me until today.

He doesn’t have to be nice to me or go out of his way to keep me satisfied,but he chooses to do so and that is why I always go back to his shop, even though we ‘fight’. He understands some of the basic fundamentals of customer service.




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