You are not your mistakes

I see how easy it can be,
To let your mistakes define you.
How you can live in fear,
How you can dim your light,
And exist in the shadows,
Believing the lie,
That you are yiur mistakes
If that was true,
The world would be full,
Of people walking with their heads bowed down,
For we all mess up,
More often than we’d care to admit.
The difference is,
Some have understood that we are human,
That we are imperfect,
That no matter how hard we try,
How good out intentions,
We will somehow always stumble;
But that the tragedy is not in the fall,
But in not standing;
In not picking ourselves up and forging ahead.
You do not stop driving,
Simply because you got a puncture,
Or you got into an accident.
You take the necessary steps
And then get back on the road.
Life is the same.

When you allow your mistakes to define you,
You rob yourself and the world,
A chance to experience your awesomeness in its fullest.
At times it is others that threaten to expose you,
And they hang it over your neck,
That you fear living life;
What if they speak about it
What will people think of me?
So you resign yourself,
To mediocrity,
Because no one really cares about average people.

But that is not your purpose for existence
God did not create you in his image,
For you to be mediocre;
Or to live in fear.
His Son did not die on the cross,
For you to bear your burdens
And let them weigh you down.
Do not allow yourself to be someone else’s pawn.
Be real and accept your mistakes;
Own them,don’t run or hide away from them,
Let them be a learning curve;
Be prepared to face them head on,
If someone so wishes,
To throw stones at you,
While living in a glass house too.
Own up and take responsibility and move on.
You will yet make other mistakes,
That just is the nature of life.
But always be sure to bounce back;
Always make the mistake count,
By doing better; by knowing better.

Do not allow your mistakes to define you;
Do not allow your yesterday to taint your today,
Or cast a shadow on your tomorrow.
Anyone who judges you by your mistakes,well, they are not worth the effort
For hypocrites is what they are.
To think they are better.
So worry not yourself over such.
Move on and do the great things you were set out to do.
Let your mistakes be a reminder,
To do things better,
And to be more understanding.
P/s: I made a mistake that was manipulated to hang me. For a while I thoughts I was over; done for. That all it would take is this person to say what had happened and something I wanted badly; had worked for so hard, would slip through my fingers. So I have been keeping a low profile; trying to save myself the embarrassment and disappointment but today God reminded me just who is in control. He reminded me of who He is and what he is capable of. And so the above words are a message to me as much as to you. God has the final say and if he has opened a door, believe me when I say, no one can close it!



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