The thing I love most about being a Christian must be the fact that I know no matter how crazy things get,I will be held and that means,I will be okay.

I could cry and scream. I could hate and be angry. I could almost commit murder but through all these motions; the ups and downs; the good and bad and ugly, I can still stand in the confidence that I will be held.

I don’t care much for those who doubt God’s existence. Now don’t get me wrong. I do pray for them. That they would get to experience the awesomeness of God,but I do not allow their doubts to affect what I know to be true in my heart. Because more than a few times,He has held me.

I had a breakdown. I felt all alone and I wanted to disappear. No,friends are there but they have their lives to worry about… And so there are few instances when you feel like no one really cares. And I broke down. And cried my eyes out. And in the morning when I woke,the friend that sticketh closer than a brother, was right there; waiting for me to wake up and love on me. He held me.

I am not out of the woods as yet. But I will go through them with a different attitude now. That of knowing I am not alone, even when that’s exactly how it feels like. Because though I may not know it, he is always holding me.

You can listen to Held by Natalie Grant,one of the most awesome songs ever written I think.

Go ye into the world today,remembering that God has your back and you are always held.

Imperfectous… With a smile  🙂 


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