Things we take for granted..Education.

I was busy having a meltdown because of some personal issues while the news was going on in the background. They bring this piece on students who performed exceptionally well,and have been called to some of the best schools in the country. Sadly,they watch their hardwork somewhat disintegrate right before their eyes due to lack of school fees. My heart literally broke!!! My personal issues took a back seat.

It is sad and annoying at the same time. Equity Bank through its foundation ‘Wings to fly’ makes it possible for thousands of children to realize their dream. An amazing initiative but then I’m wondering, ‘What is the government doing about this?’ I think, primary and secondary education should be free and if not, should be at a subsidised rate,where the poorest person cab afford to take their child to school. How do we hope to become better f we cannot empower the people?

So, my heart broke today to those three students who may not make it to high school and not because they are not smart. I find myself wondering what I can do about it? For a moment,I forgot about my issues and I realized I have a lot to be grateful for. Personally if it was not for my sister, I’m not sure if I’d have made it through high school. She took me under her wings,not because she had to,but because she chose to and it made a difference.

I called my friend,or rather he called me and I was like ‘I’ll stop watching news. It hurts too much to see all the pain and know you can’t do much to make a difference.’ It gets to me. I am one of those people who believe everyone should at least enjoy the basic necessities of life…

Question in my mind now is, will this just be another sob story; I’ll sleep and move on with my life or can I actually do something about these three students,or at least one of them. I know,I can’t rescue them all but at least I can maybe rescue one,no?

I will see if I can get their contacts and see if I can do a fund raising for one or the three of them, God willing. If interested,you can let me know and we can see how to make a difference.



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