Man Vs Woman- human Rights?

This is one fight that has been going on for the longest!!! It just never seems to end. The man vs woman fight I mean. And the other day as I was thinking on the same, I felt we are fighting the wrong battle!

Man has always oppressed woman. Woman has always been treated as merely a tool for the man. There was a time when the woman was to be seen and not to be heard. The woman had no voice, figuratively speaking because she did have a voice and a beautiful one at that.;-). The woman has also always been portrayed as the weaker sex and I wonder how that conclusion was arrived at?

So the other day when a friend posted a certain post which brought about the ‘who’s more important between the man and woman’ debate, I chose a different stand. We are both equal,only witj different functionalities. I think the correct platform for this fight to be had is under the human rights platform!

Why do we have human rights then we have women’s rights? What are we saying? That women are not human? Oh yes I went there. Because last I checked, I am no alien nor do I belong to the cat family, I am a human being,with a brain and feelings and opininios etc. So when you sideline me, I am left to wonder what the deal is?

When women say ‘we want equality’ what exactly is our definition of equality at that point? Because the brother will take you out and ask you to split the bill and we will get very offended and our girlfriends will not hear the end of it! And the brother be like ‘ Equality,right?’ And guess what card we will play next ‘ What kind of a man are you? It is common knowledge that the man picks the bill!’
‘Says who?’ The man will ask. And he in turn pulls a fast one on you while you are still thinking about a come back ‘ It is common knowledge that it’s the woman’s responsibility to take care o the home. So why do you get mad when I come home and put my feet up waiting for dinner?’

Do you now see why this is usually an endless fight? Because we both want to eat our cake and have it,which of course is impossible and so someone ends up losing! I believe Solomon’s words more every day when he said ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’. I am a Christian so I definitely subscribe to the God created the world version of things and I read the Bible and I believe it is our manual for life. I mean, when you buy a product,it always comes with a manual from the manufacturer because he understands best how the product functions,right? God is man’s manufacturer and the Bible is his manual! In my opinion.

God did create man as the head of the family and the woman as his helper,in a marital setting. He did say the man will have to sweat to provide for his family and the woman was to have extreme pain during child birth. This is after Adam and Eve messed up! When God created man and woman,he created them both in his image; that right there tells me equality!!! Can you say a book written in Spanish is better than the same book in French? It is the same book,the same story,the same character just different languages. We are human beings,made of the same stuff but with different functionalities.

If God thought man was better than woman,then he wouldn’t have punished them both! (In my opinion ). I believe we are equal and as thus have equal rights. We both have brains and opinions so we both should be able to vote. I don’t see how my being a woman keeps me from driving an automatic car!!! But I also do know that I am different from man. I do know that man is physically stronger than I am and I understand I am more delicate than he is. Because he has to toil the ground,he needs those muscles. Because I have to bear children, I need to be delicate and tender. That does not make me better or lesser,it only makes me different.

At the core,we have been created to achieve different things and we have been fitted with the tools to achieve these. Everything else ought to be equal for both sexes because we are both humans and as humans we have a right to live and for expression and to vote and for education and all these things we are always fighting for. Because they absolutely have nothing to do with whether I’m a man or woman. How does my sex affect my ability to drive or vote or go to school?

This is why I say, the battle should be fought on a different platform; the human rights platform and both the man and woman should be taught to appreciate their differences and not use them to put each other down or manipulate each other. It is a fact that there are things best left to the men and others best left to the woman. Not because either one of them is better than the other but simply because our “manufacturer” created us that way and for very specific reasons!



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