Knocked down; not knocked out!!!

I am a planner at the core of things. I love structures and processes. I think things through and spontaneity is not something I wear well. I hit a bump in my life recently that I had not seen coming and it left me feeling very exposed. I did not have a contigency plan and so I felt very lost. I guess this is one of the reason God and I have trouble at times; me wanting to always know everything!!!

So here I am; in a place I had not planned for and the domino effect is still going on. I realize I have not been talking to God much,maybe because I feel he should have warned me or at least prepared me. Isn’t he All- knowing after all?  I try to make sense as much as I can,while not being a burden to anyone and I find myself feeling a bit overwhelned at times;all because I had not planned for this bump in my life!!!

Sadly,that’s life for you and me…lol. It does not always go as planned and sometimes we will find ourselves thrown off course. So what do we do then? Do we sit and mourn our plan that has been rearranged? Because that really is what is going on when you hit an unexpected bump. It creates for a change in the plan;you have to sit down and re strategize. I think when you have a vision; the end game; it does not matter much how many bumps you hit on the road,they may delay your arrival but God does make everything beautiful in its time! So yes,you can take some time out and mourn the original plan but you have to get your head back in the game and continue.There is a destination up ahead to be arrived at.

As long as there is still breath in you,then your dreams are still valid and you can still reach the finish line; your finish line. So,the bigger question therefore is, ‘What is your vision?’ ‘What will success look like to you,when all is said and done?’ Not what society thinks or dictates. What you believe.

Keep your head up and keep walking,like Johnnie Walker, but unlike him, you will one day arrive at your destination…lol.

Note to self.



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