Of Cover Letters…say what?

It is not that I forget that God exists or that He always has my back. That’s not it. At times I just get too wrapped up in my situation to notice Him. It is more about what I focus on than me forgeting about God’s existence. And so today,He reminded me.

I recently lost my job in the most hurtful ways possible but like Carrie Underwood sang,they are lessons learned. Anyway,it has been tricky for me. Being I had not planned for it,I found myself facing a mountain. That was just my opinion. I have been in different crazy and testing situations before and what I have come to learn is that ‘nothing that happens to me gets God off guard’. Like He won’t wake up,coz He never sleeps nor slumbers, and go like ‘ Angel Gabriel,what just happened to Gladys?’ lol. He has the entire script and He saw it coming and He has a plan to deal with it. That is what keeps me sane;keeps me from doing anything that may cost a human life;lol. It is the knowing that God is in control!

And so today,halfway awake,He sort of composes a cover letter for me in my head. There is this company I would totally love to work for and I was about to go all out on my resume to make it all creative like,and that’s fine but I guess He was reigning me in because of my perfectionism tendencies,which most of the times work against me! I could miss an opportunity because I was trying to make something perfect. And He seemed to communicate to me that I have what it takes to add value to anyone or any organization. Not mainly because of my education qualifications (which are not many) but because of the person that I am and the experience I have gathered so far. He said,’simply tell the truth as you know it and remember you are my child so you are definitely awesome by default’ 🙂

I sat down to write it and then went to google…(notice a pattern?) to look for cover letter samples but nothing really spoke to me. Do not forget I am a writer. So,describing myself shouldn’t be a problem,right? wrong. I am in love with branding and no I have not done any branding courses or jobs but I did spearhead a re branding exercise in one of the companies I’ve worked for and it was and still such an awesome feeling.It feels like a baby. And I am crazy about following rules and so the brand manual became like the company Bible of what to do and not to and you can bet,I was the branding police. I mean,the internal customer needs to understand and own the brand before you can take it out there because a brand really is a promise kept, thus making it alive.It is the experience….okay I digress…much.

Back to my story. God is trying to let me know that I have what it takes to be what I want and achieve what I may. I only need to trust that,with all that is in me and go forth and be great. If I remember,I will let you know if I got the job at now what is my dream company to work for and if my cover letter had anything to do with it.;-)

Do you not just love God and the gift of writing?I know I do.

Have a grand day!!!



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