God Has The Final Word

“It does not matter what man has said about you. What God has spoken to your heart,whispered in your ear and shown you in His Word, that’s what will be!”


Words have never refreshed my heart like the above words have today. I have read and re read them a number of times for them to sink in. Here is the beauty about it,these words come from a reading I should have done a few days ago as they are from my daily devotions app. I have been going through a crazy time of being accused of things and being treated like a convicted criminal and it has been tough. I however, did not immediately turn to God. I was still trying to wrap my head around how fleeting human beings can be. How one day you are best of friends and the next day,the worst of enemies. But why did I get shocked? Didn’t Peter deny Jesus 3 times?lol and who am I really,compared to Jesus,that I should expect different treatment? And Jesus did say we would also face tough times…

Anyways,I was so worried about how my name was being painted. I mean the wisest man did say a good name is better than fine perfume or something? And so,I was scared when I heard what was being said about me. Scared of how people who know me will think of me after hearing what was being said. It gave me so much pressure. And then today,I wake up and I am all psyched up and I open this devotion that is actually titled “Go Through The Open Door” and I read the words at the very start of this blog post and I literally feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from me! And I am reminded of just who is in control. I am reminded that yrs man can harm the body but not the soul and so why am I afraid of him? So many beautiful words come to mind that God has spoken about me and I am encouraged.

So now,I will walk with my head held up high. I will wear a smile and not a frown. I will walk in the knowledge that God holds the final word. That I am who God says I am and I can do what God says I can do and that is all things through Christ who strengthens me! So it’s okay. Let them talk.

A song in my national language, Swahili also ministers tome right now:

“Rauka! Inuka! Sahau yote yaliyopita
Tazama, mambo mapya,sahau yote yaliyopita,

It simply means arise!stand up! forget the past. Behold the new things,forget the past. A new day has risen…something to that effect.

Oh and the other song
“You are Lord of my life. And your promises are true. Nitakuamini, ahadi zako ni za milele…Wacha waseme watayo sema. wee ni Ebenezer kwangu. Waniongoza maishani,hakuna mwingine kama wee”

Translated: let them say what they will say,you are my Ebenezer. You lead me through life and there is none like you.

So, I do not know what the closed door is in your life that has you discouraged but I hope these words can minister to you today and encourage you:

“It does not matter what man has said about you. What God has spoken to your heart ,whispered in your ear, and shown you in His Word, that’s what will be!”

I am too excited and charged up now,it feels illegal!

P/s: the songs are both by Kanji Mbugua and the album is titled Rauka. I would highly recommend it!!!

Have a splendid day y’all!!!



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