Land of Upright Men


africaThis picture raises emotions in many people.I have two more titles for this piece, ‘IMAGINE WITH ME’ and AFRICA: WE CAN DO IT AGAIN.
Imperialism is alive and kicking in our great continent. You may ask how this is possible if all the countries in our great continent have all received their independence. Look at all our plates, imported rice, imported spoons and plates, we need no other sign that imperialism is still alive and kicking. Before you stone me humor me for the next few paragraphs.
Imagine with me a country in Africa that can produce its own food. In fact a country that can produce more than it requires for national consumption. A country that does not look up to its former colonial masters for aid to feed its citizens. Well, 80% of the countries in Africa have better climate, more water bodies, less people per square kilometer…

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