Hi Stranger! |30 days| 30 letters

I think this is day 7. A letter to a stranger… hmmm… tricky. What would I want to tell a stranger? I know, what I am most passionate about.

you are beautiful; just as you are

Hi Stranger,

I hope you are well and that life thus far has been awesome for you. By this I mean, that you have enjoyed life, in spite of the ups and downs it has thrown to you. If you are reading this then it means you truly have conquered! 🙂 

I am a young lady with a love for people empowerment; not girl-child or boy-child but both of them. Both genders need to be empowered. Some of the challenges they face are different while others are the same but either way, they both need to know they have what it takes to be the best. That is what I would like to share with you. If I manage to put a smile on your face or encourage or challenge you at the end of this letter, I can have a fabulous day.

You are awesome just as you are. You are worth every good thing you have ever dreamed of having or owning. You deserve to be loved by all who know you (though this usually is not the case; even Jesus was hated by some of us, so…). What I mean by that though is that you should never ever settle; not for anyone or for anything. You are worth believing in and you must be your own number one fan, because you will always have you. :-). You need to learn the art of being faithful to yourself though. Most of us are not. ‘How?’ you ask. Well, every time you cancel something important to you to fix someone else into your calendar, you are being unfaithful to yourself. If, for example, you had planned to take a long drive over the weekend and then someone calls to ask you if you can pass by their house and say keep them company or something that is not as important or of an emergency; something that can be done by someone else, if you cancel your trip, then you are not being faithful to you. And it is important that you are, because then you start to respect your time and your space and you only give it up when totally necessary!

Am I preaching selfishness? Nope but I do believe at times we have to be. A doctor needs to be healthy enough to take care of you when you are unwell and so do you. Charity does begin at home and if you are not healthy within yourself , it becomes difficult for you to give what you don’t have and hence the intoxicating relationships. If you do not think you are worthy then you will not mind if someone else treats you badly, because you will think that is what you deserve. Which of course is not true, but it will be your truth; but somewhere deep inside, part of you knows that this is not your portion and that is why you get hurt. If you really were cut out to be useless or worthless, it would not hurt but the fact that it hurts says a lot!You know, the importance of being your own fan is that it will not matter much who else believes in you; I always say that as long as you believe in you, you can do what you want to do. If the whole world believes in you but you don’t, there isn’t much that you will be able to do.

So dear Stranger, you matter; you are important; you are of value; this world would be incomplete without you and every day that you do not show up in all your awesomeness, is a day you deny the world something that only you can give and therefore the world for that day was not complete. Yes, that is how important you are!

I hope I have managed to speak to you and make you think and challenge you to go out and become the best that you were made to be because we were all made for greatness!

I love you with the love the Lord has so graciously and tenderly loved me with and I am in your corner, cheering you on and believing in you.




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