Sweet Dreams|30 days|30 letters

Disclaimer!!! At no given time did the challenge say it has to be 30 consecutive days! I know, excuses excuses. I remain committed though, to write the 30 letters, even if it takes me to the end of the year! Lol

Dreamland is like a city where everything is tax free and there are endless shops selling different forms of possibilities! It is a place where everyone is an equal; there is no rich or poor or successful or failure; we all have the same playing ground. What we do with our part of the playing ground is what differs from one person to the next. There are those who go ahead and make their dreams come true, while some of us get too comfortable in dreamland that we stay there longer than is necessary, Dreamland, I would like to think, offers us a safe place to imagine the grandest and most beautiful of things. It allows us to see what could be and at times even allows us to touch it, but that’s where its magic ends. For you to live out what dreamland allows you to experience, you have got to do the work! Here’s to my dreams…

I fancy living in dreamland. Everything there is so beautiful and peaceful; everyone is friends with everyone, at least in my side of things. It is the place that I retrieve to when reality is too hard or cruel to bear. I dream up a different reality; only to come back to reality and realize nothing has changed and nothing will change unless I do something…

To my dreams,

Let me start by saying that I love the fact that I have you; that at times only you know exactly what I am thinking and at times I find myself smiling alone when I think of you. I love that warm fuzzy feel you give; like a heavy woolen blanket wrapped around me. I could easily get lost in you. I am going to share some of you with my readers and don’t worry, they cannot be party of our intimate moments. Lol.

I once has a dream that I met the boy band 3 T and the 3 of them were all in love with me and wanted to marry me! Boy, how do I choose? I love the group, not any one of them therefore the only way to have them is to be with all of them! And they agreed. Lol. Confessions of a 10 year old! I have dreamed of my crushes, having coffee with them; we actually had conversations. Walking with them on the streets of Europe and simply enjoying the company. So, I could actually say I have met my actor/model/footballer crushes! In my dreams! And do you ever have a feeling once you wake up from certain dreams, that you may not even want to meet the person in real life because then, you do not know what will happen and you would not want anything to mess up the beautiful moments you shared in the dream? Because the dream was just perfect;it was all you had ever planned for that meeting to be and you would not want to mess that memory?

I have dreamed of Moulding Beauty. I have seen its success and seen it flourish. I have heard the teens, both girls and boys, give their success stories after going through the program. I have even shed tears at the thought of it’s awesomeness. I have seen myself going round high schools and starting the Moulding Beauty Clubs where everyone is free to be themselves, just as they are, where they are. I have even touched it and then I wake and reality stares hard at me and makes fun of me but then that dream, so real and alive, keeps burning deep inside and I know that it will soon come to pass. A beautiful dream that I cannot wait to see come true. 🙂

HMC is another dream. My hand-made cards business. I have seen its launch. I have seen the people I invite. I have heard the speech I make at the opening of the first store. I have the decor and everything all figured out. Another success that I have touched and felt and experienced and I cannot explain it. It left me a bit too scared;reality made it feel a bit too good to be true but then again, I get to call the shots. I get to decide what remains as a dream and what becomes reality.

I have also dreamed of my hubby. The man who will totally captivate my heart and have me as his forever and ever and into eternity. At least him I know for sure he exists, He hasn’t approached me yet but he is somewhere out there. I have thought of how I will be submitted to him; how Neyo’s ‘Mad’ song will be a song we kinda live by. I know some times it’s gonna rain, but baby can we make up now coz I can’t sleep through the pain. Coz I don’t want to go to bed, mad at you, and I don’t want you to go to bed, mad at me…’ I have dreamed of happily ever after, and it was beautiful!

Dear Dreams, I thank you because you give me a glimpse of what is possible because I believe if I can dream it; then I can be it. Some of the dreams are scary and I would not want to replay them again. Some have me waking up in a sweat and panting and clutching for my dear soul; some have me praying or calling up someone in the middle of the night to just calm me. It’s all a mixture of things and my imaginations and I am glad I have you as part of you. You sure do make life so much more fun! This partnership is forever. No one can take you away from me no matter my status in life, and I am super happy for that. That you are something that can be just for me in this cut throat competitive world!

See yah later dreams and keep happening…




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