To my siblings|30 days|30 letters

Disclaimer: I come from a family of 7 kids and the challenge for today is to write a letter to a sibling. That of course will be my one and only sister but I totally have to do a paragraph on my 5 amazing brothers as well.

To the brothers,

I totally love y’all,let me just start by saying that. The three who are before me, umm, I did fear you for the longest, Frank especially (you have always been the over protective one). I grew to appreciate it by the way. Dodi, being I am your immediate follower, we were not spared from sibling rivalry and I know I caused you grief as a little girl but I love that nowadays we are friends and we can joke around! (please kill the pressure of when I am getting married; it will happen when it does). Sam, well, as the first born, and having lived in your care for a while, I am grateful for you taking me in. Allan and Jack, the two of you should have been twins. Remember how mum used to treat us as triplets? lol. Being bought for the same cups with different colors and the 2 of you being bought plastic chairs that matched the color of your cups. You two, growing up, were my closest alleys. Allan, I know we had our sibling rivalry to deal with but for the better part, we were friends. I remember how you used to complain that I always picked Jack’s side over yours. I guess I was being a big sister to him, because of course you used to bully him. I love you both so dearly and we have grown up and kinda grown apart and we need to rectify that and start meeting again; just the three of us minus the older peeps. lol. And when I look at you today and how grown up you both are, I feel so proud of you both. Love to y’all my handsome brothers. Y’all taught me how to kinda deal and read guys…

Beloved Sister,

You are my guardian angel. The way you stepped in to tale care of me, not because you had to but because you chose to, I will be eternally grateful. High school wouldn’t have happened without you; the diploma too. The business person I am today is because you gave me my first job. Everyone who matters knows about you. I speak about you with the highest regard because you totally are super awesome. 

Th number of times you have come through for me darling sister, too many to count.Let me just say, when I look at my life, traces of you are all over. You helped me secure the house I currently live in; when I was frustrated at a job I used to work, you took it very personally and you got even more mad than I was…lol. You have always believed in my ability to become great and the fact that you are so confident and sure of yourself that you do not mind sharing your light to help me find mine is amazing!

You are one of the people with the hugest heart I know around! Giving comes very naturally to you and no wonder you never really lack anything.When God is doing rounds daily, He always finds a spot to fill in your life because you are always giving. Growing up, I knew I was beautiful; heck I believed I was the most beautiful girl i.e. second after you. You were the only one I could allow to take that crown of being number 1 in my life. I have always wanted to be like you. Second to mum, you are my other role model. I love the way you are sure of who you are and how you are never apologetic about it. I love you.

The day hand maiden comes to life, be sure you will among, if not the first, to pop champagne with to celebrate it. You did even give me money to go register the first name I had come up with. How clearer and louder can someone tell you that they believe in you if not by investing in an idea that they believe in its greatness even more than yourself.

We have had our fights but I think knowing that we are the only girls in the family never allows us to stay mad at each other for too long. I think the longest you have ever been mad at me is 2 weeks! lol. I love you darling sister, from here to the moon and back. You are a very precious gift from God to me.and I will forever cherish you and I would never change you for another!

Loving small siz and your number one fan,



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