Mama and Daddy| 30 days| 30 letters

My parents of course are the people I am most grateful for, every time I look at myself in the mirror and feel proud of who I am. I will start by writing each a separate message, because they both affect me differently, then I will do a joint one.

Dear Mama,

You I love with every vessel in me. I may not say or show it often, but I totally do. You are a reflection of the Proverbs 31 Woman; you model her perfectly! I always make a joke with guys who date me that if I was to become half the woman you are they will be very blessed! :-)You are my number heroine.Your polite and modest yet firm way of dealing and handling things simply leaves me happy to have you as my mum. I remember the day when we were at home in upcountry and there was a night runner hurling stones on our roof, and without even thinking twice, you went out and called them out! I was a bit scared, I mean this guy could hurt you, but  guess with age comes wisdom and you knew better. If it were up to me, eh, if the hubby is not home, I will make sure all the doors are locked and maybe call 911? lol. Or how the other time there was a snake and you got a stick and killed it like it was the most natural thing for you. You amaze me mama. And what about how you wake up at 5:00 a.m. to pray for your family daily without fail? I mean, there are times I never know where the good fortune comes from but I guess God does answer your prayers over us your children. I am happy that I took after you in the spiritual sense. Yes, I am called the pastor by your other children at times when they make fun of me. I do not mind it because through you I have learned the faithfulness and awesomeness of God. On that note, I remember the day I got saved, I must admit that was one of my best hugs ever, if not the best! 

I cannot end this letter without talking about my dark teenage years when I thought you did not love me. When you retired to the farm, I thought it unfair because I felt I still I needed you there daily but you left. I wondered if you considered my feelings when you left me in the care of your very well able older children a.k.a my older siblings. I made up my mind that you did not love otherwise you would not have left and this feeling ate at me like a bad disease. It became difficult for me to expect love, leave alone give it; I became somewhat distant. Then I remember the day I finished my O level exams and it was time to leave that dreaded boarding school forever. Because of my the problem with my back, you came to school and picked my one huge bag of belongings, put it on you head and left me with only a rag sack to carry. That Mama, is the day I knew that your love knew no bounds and even when I did not feel it, it was still very much alive. That brought tears to my eyes. The other was how when you came to visit me in school at times you would apologize for not being able to bring me a whole Nakumatt like the rest of the parents and that broke my heart into very tiny pieces. I was like there was no reason to apologize. Not after everything else you have sacrificed. I mean, one of dad’s beloved chicken had to die for me to have a well cooked home meal and I just wanted you; not the things, you Mama because nothing can replace you. And I told myself that the time I will call myself successful is when I will be able to provide for your every need and want without flinching; when I will be able to treat like the queen you are. I love you Mama dearest and I would not exchange you for another! 

Dear Daddy,

You who still calls me ‘toto’ (direct translation ‘baby’) every time I call you. I think I have always been a daddy’s girl. I remember the Sunday afternoons we used to drive to go get the car washed. I don’t know if I enjoyed being with you or if it was the ride that I loved; either way, those were precious moments. For some reason, I have always been at ease with you. I remember when I was 14, right before you left to join mum, how you became my best friend. You would help me with my homework and teach me other life skills; like how to fry groundnuts-  wet the ground nuts, sprinkle salt, pour them on a tray, fry on low heat. I still remember. What about the time in an effort to keep the mosquitoes away, I lit a mosquito coil, placed it on top of your briefcase and almost burnt the house down?Drama! 

You have been my biggest fan in everything I do.Always assuring me of who I am and my abilities. I remember how you advised me to pursue print journalism because of my love for writing and reading. I did one better, got a bog…lol. I think I am too wild when it comes to my writing to obey the rules of journalistic writing! But even when I chose a different career path, you were still there; telling me that my happiness is what mattered most. Who would have thought, I have ended up taking after you and now I am studying marketing and to have received your stamp of approval; you telling me I have what it takes to be a great marketer; that I have the personality for it; tsk. tsk, moment. I love you daddy. 

I remember how you said that I should not be in a hurry to get married; that I am welcome home for as long as is necessary. Where others have pressure from their parents about how time is passing by and flying past and how they want to be grandparents, you have told me, home will be home until the day I finally get my own. You may not have known it, but that meant and still means a lot to me. So when people question me I tell them proudly that I have permission from my daddy to stay home for as long as necessary!

I know we have had our fights; most of them have happened after you had tasted some alcohol, but you are still my hero! With all the ups and downs, you have taught me the importance of being a supportive parent; in doing your bit as a parent and letting your child know you believe in them. It is an invaluable value that I hope to one day extend to my own babies. Maybe then you will stop calling me ‘toto’. Lol. But I am not complaining. I love being daddy’s gal. 🙂 p/s/ dad, you better cause the man who will come to take me from you some hard time, lol 😉

To both of you, 

I love you more than words can express. I thank God for you and for your presence in my life. A prayer I have made to God since I do not know when, is that He keeps you both alive and strong at least for you to walk me down the aisle, and give me away. I have also prayed that He will, enlarge my boundaries while you are both here for me to provide for you every little thing that you need. I remember how much of a spoiled brat I was and I would like to say thank you to you both in a big way for condoning my tantrums; of course mama did discipline me here and there but that you did not give me away, clearly love is real. 🙂 

I love you both from here to infinity; double infinity.

Your baby girl,



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