Dear Best friend|30 days|30 letters

I know I am a few days late in this but I guess as long as I do it for 30 days from when I start I am good.

Dear Emily, Bestie Bestie

12 years of friendship and still counting. Though we are physically separated by sea, our hearts I believe are bound for all eternity. You are the best friend any stubborn, spoiled brat like me could ever ask for.I love you.

I first met you when I was 15 years old; 15 and messed up. I remember how hard you tried reaching out to me but because of my insecurities, I sought of shut you out. Then the day you wanted to walk out on me, is the day I realized I really was not ready to lose you. I loved the person you saw in me. And so you made me face fears that I had hidden from for a while. That is how much power you have over me girlfriend…lol. You are my best friend because you are the first person to accept me, just as I am; where I was when we met. I did not think myself worth loving but you insisted. I could not understand why you would want to love someone like me but well, I am glad you did. 🙂

I remember the fights, while we were in school. Remember how you would always come sit in my class during preps? The day my class teacher came and she wanted to talk to her class privately and there you were, between me and Gakii, my desk-mate, and she asked you to apply through EmilySue, the prefect, for you join 1 North. Hilarity. Oh, how can I forget how you used to bully me when I held my hair in a ponytail, saying it made me look too innocent. You would go ahead and remove my hair band and mess up my hair! Really, what was up with that? Lol. The number of notes and letters we used to write each other back and forth. I carried them with me every where I went, of course until Ng’iya girls happened and my stuff got confiscated and my heart broke Ems. I think that was my first heart break. When the management took my very personal effects because I was being accused of having an affair with a preacher. If I knew then what I know, I would have fought for my rights. But I have always been the passive one, so I moved on but a part of me feels like it died that day. I never got them back and those were the things that reminded me of you now that you left for Botswana then USA, where you still are!smh!

Now that I think about it, do you know we have been in the same country at the same time for only a year of we add the days, this is inclusive of your exchange program when you were last here? Omg! most of our friendship has happened long distance but it’s still the most real relationship I have ever had! The fighting. How you opened for me a yahoo account and kept writing to me for a straight 3 years before I accessed it for the first time and I was like, is this lady insane? Lol. I had thought that with your relocation, you would forget me but those emails were prove that ours was forever!

We have our fights and tears but I would still not exchange you for any other. Heck, moulding beauty, the name you gave me, it has turned out to be my life’s purpose! I mean, does it get any more awesome than this? How you push me to go the long haul. Your belief in me makes me wonder at times if we know the same person. Your total acceptance of me and my weaknesses and my scars are the most beautiful gift you give me.

I know that at times I am not available when you need me to be. I know how I can get caught up in my own world and forget everyone. I am sorry for all those times but you need to know that you are always in my heart and thoughts. And every time I hear ‘This I promise you’ by N’Sync, it takes me back to Nembu girls. OMG! Do you remember you built me a tennis court on a card board. I really must learn how to play tennis, if only just to honour you. Lol.

Nembu, remember how we used to go and harass the guys who used to play football on the field, whose barbed wire fence was the only thing separating us from them? I promise we were crazy. But you know what, 15 is my most awesome year as a teenager as the rest were really masked with a lot of darkness, which now though, I am trying to put into good use.

I promise to love you till the end of time. I promise to improve on my being there for you; I can definitely do a better job. We need to ‘hook-up’ more often…on whatsapp and skype I guess. I am not too good with social media; and the way you love face book?lol

Oh, so is the offer to design my wedding dress still on the table? And love weddings or not, if I decide to have you as my maid of honour, thou shalt not hesitate because best friends do whatever for their best friends…lol

You are the better reflection of me.

Best friends for life!





One thought on “Dear Best friend|30 days|30 letters

  1. Dear Glado… Adoyo/ You Woman
    When did writing open letters to each other become a thing?
    Shoo. Or did we create our own thing because really I have not been in your life since when?
    I MISS YOU Everyday. I try to explain it to people but I think unless you have lived away from the people you loved, who you termed as your base… no one gets its. So I stopped trying to explain. Now that I have been accused on someone’s blog of being a facebook addict shoooo… pardon me while I go right ahead girlfriend.

    I can’t tell you how many times I was accused of being ungrateful when I cried about YOU, Beryl, Vio, EmilySue, Suzzie and Maggie. So like you and the confiscation inscident, I should have woken up and told people they were assholes and did not see the real me. I was not ungrateful, I just missed my best friends because I was human. I missed my cousins too. I missed my neighbourhood. I missed the flowers and fruits in the gardens that I pruned. I missed my cats and dogs and there was nothing in sane about that. However we both remained silent.

    Now that I am older though… I notice. I see. I feel. I understand.
    Had those family plans gone through and I crossed the street to that school… I would have never met you, then where would I be? You pull me closer to God and you pull be closer to Earth. There is a normalness about you that surpasses understanding and I appreciate and draw wisdom from that. I plan to be your best friend through thick and thin and thick again. Just because a letter came notifying me that guess what… my prayer to God to move and travel the world had come true didn’t change anything I feel for you. You are still my best friend. A best friend I have a connection with so strong we can lie on the same floor in my Aunt’s house how many years later and end up dreaming the same dream and only parting towards the end.

    I don’t understand why I had to leave KE. I esp. don’t understand why Vio had to die. I wait. I pray. I know God listens, so I pray again (just in case. Secret to success: Work/ Pray as if the worst has already happened so you can give more than your best).

    However, I do believe in reason even if I do not understand it. I also believe in promises. So YES… I will design your wedding gown. YES It will be for FREE. Yes I love you to the moon and back and there again and back again. And here is the extra… would you be the maid of honor at my wedding??? I notice too many people line up people at their weddings and don’t understand the value of that person but I want you to take classes and understand your role in my life and my husband’s life as a maid of honor. It’s not about the dress but about being the reminder as to why I made those vows to him just in case I (though I do not plan to) forget them. It is about being our safety net as a friend/ confidant and so much more.

    Who says you have to live in the same country to be best friends?
    Who says it has to last a certain amount of years?
    Who says you have to be in communication thereafter?
    Who says? Who says? Who says?

    Thank you for the note because you are the answer to that question. We need not match to the beat of anyone’s drum but our own. I am honored and privileged to match beside. Let us Diva, match on. Hugs and kisses and hugs again:

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