Miss Purple Butterfly

Dear Paula,


It has been two years now since your awesome beauty left earth. I think it is easier when I don’t think about you but I can never think of you; can never look at your photo without a bucket for tears nearby…but it is always followed with a smile, because you would expect nothing less.

I remember when we were first introduced by one Mark Waweru. I thought you was one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. You were my very first official mentee and I was not sure what exactly I was going to do with you. Not because of you but, it felt like such a huge responsibility and I was not sure I could deal, but in your awesomeness, you made it all too easy for me.

I remember the conversations. The hurt that you had and how we worked through things one by one. I specifically remember the day you told me about your boyfriend. You were too cute and how you were worried how your ‘dad’ Mark was going to react to the message. I remember meeting him and telling he better take good care of you. I remember the conversations of the purple wedding and house that you would joke about. You made me a better person hun, by simply being you.

I remember the phone call. When Brendah called to tell me of the news and it could not be true.I mean, you were going to sit for your KCSE which you were preparing for so diligently and then go to university and then we were going to plan a purple wedding;it could not be true. I made her doubt herself that she said she will confirm and then let me know. It was true. You were gone and I felt like I was suffocating. You could not be gone.

I remember the memorial service. Everyone was in purple and it was so beautiful. I remember the burial too and it still did not feel real. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that you are at a better place, and knowing that you were at peace.I am glad that God also allowed you to experience what being in love is before you left.

I love you darling and yes, I shall have that purple wedding on your behalf. About the purple house,ummm…I’ll probably have a purple room. I am glad I met you. You truly were a force to reckon with.

I must mention that even in your death, you are still impacting lives because during the first memorial, someone gave their life to Christ and it is someone who knew you. This is how I know you truly were an amazing soul.

Keep it pretty hun and keep it purple.


Big Siz


3 thoughts on “Miss Purple Butterfly

    • Hi. It’s okay. It is something sort of a trend. If you check the very first post in the category of art of letter writing, there is a link if you click on it you will learn more about it…
      Thank you.

  1. This 30days 30 letters is this something you came up with 🙂
    Or si it some sort of trend in blog world? it looks really cool 😛

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