My Lighthouse…

Have you ever met someone who makes you question your choices,in a positive way? Not because they actually ask you but just by them being then?

I met a friend,who makes me want to be better;want to do better. He feels like the lighthouse in a vast ocean;giving hope.

Maybe its because he is an intern pastor and therefore, a level of holiness surrounds him,making conversations with him quite rich.

He makes me believe that there is a better way of doing things; that I am worth the effort. Its like God has decided to use him to remind me His truths. I guess at times God feels too far and so He brought one of His ‘vessels’ into my life,to remind me that He is always with me;always loving me.

This friend is a breath of fresh air in the midst of all my ‘filth’. Now,he really does not know much about me,other than what I have allowed everyone else to see,but he still has an effect,by him being him.

I have had people tell me that I make them want to be better but this is my first encounter with someone who makes me want to do good and be good,without actually telling me so!

Truth is, I have my skeletons hidden deep inside my closet and at times, they emerge to disturb my peace. Now,conversations with this new friend,are rich as much as they are silly(in that they make me laugh) but more importantly,he makes me see me in a different light. Though I still have my struggles,he lets me believe that I can become the best.

The most awesome part about it,is that he does not really know he is doing this; he does not know the positive effect he is having on me and hence the reason I believe he is a direct present from God to me,to remind me of God’s presence and God still being on my side,even when I do not feel it.

I am glad I met him; glad we striked a conversation;glad that he reminds me God has not given up on me yet and if he could allow his Son to die on the cross,there is no length he will not go to,to reach his children:in this case me.

Its good to have someone in your life who makes you feel good about you and makes you believe in an even better you,by them simply being them.

Thank you Lord,




5 thoughts on “My Lighthouse…

    • Hi Mikeson, thank you for stopping by. I kinda got lost in the comment though, what did you confirm wasn’t true? i.e. if you do not mind sharing. thanks again for stopping by

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