My Person

When I first met you
I was too afraid of you
Your Father created the earth
He created me!
You,loved me enough
To leave your posh heavenly home
To meet me where I was
You did not complain
But became like one of us
You took my place on the cross
You died and came back to life,
All these you did for me
Though I knew you not.

I was taught of your awesomeness in Sunday School
I read about you in the Bible
I heard about you in so many quarters,
I thought I knew you.
Then one day,
You knocked on my door.
I realized your greatness was bigger
I fell to my knees in humility and worship
Your presence simply dictates it.

I said yes to you
You made a vow
To never leave nor forsake me
You became the friend
That sticketh closer
Than a brother
And even when I don’t know
I need your help,
You freely give it.

We have been together for14years now,
I cannot imagine me without you.
Every time I leave you behind,
Your absence is so visible
As nothing feels the same.
You have become more
Than just my Saviour and Friend,
You have become my Person.

Life simply makes no sense
Without you in it.

You are my Person Jesus and life is like so plain without you.

Thank you.




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