Imperfectly Perfect

I am delicate,but hide behind this facade of having it all together and people rarely stand with you long enough to notice the twinkle in your eye is actually a tear and so you go by…times coz you are afraid of a domino effect.afraid that one word will bring down the carefully built wall around you that protects you…so,you play along,and you do it long enough,you even start believing it…and so times when people say things about you,you do not recognize that person and wonder where they got such lofty ideas from…
But then God,in His awesomeness and fullness,still loves you and He does it abundantly.and reminds you nothing will separate you from his love. and he brings people your way.who know you and know your scars and they still want to be your friends and they love the whole of you,just as you are;where you are…though at times you slip back into old habits, which die hard,you now have a support system that will put you back into focus…

Imperfectly Perfect.




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