Big Church Ministry

I am a member of Mavuno Downtown Church. I have been a member since early in the year when I joined a program called Mizizi (Swahili word for roots). It is an amazing program that brings strangers together for 10 weeks and helps them bond and grow in a wholesome way. 10 weeks is equal to 21/2 months. I ended up becoming a member of the church. And I totally love it!

One of the requirements of the Mizizi program once completed, is to plug in into one of the many ministries in Church. I have always been in the praise and worship teams in all the churches I have been a member (no judgement). I love singing; it takes me to another level but then at MDT, there is also Big Church, which is the children’s ministry. I have a love for kids and a passion for teens and so for a while I was  torn. After a while, I decided to join Big Church and see how that goes.

My first time with the 10-12 age group was last Sunday. I was scared. I must mention, from the moment I decided it was Big Church, to me actually starting, took a while. I kept postponing the start date because I did not feel ‘All together enough’ to be entrusted with the spiritual growth of these beautiful souls. I know it all in theory; how God is just looking for an available vessel and not a perfect person.But in practical, the pressure is real! I wondered if I had any right. I looked at myself and my trail of wrong decisions and messes I have made, and I felt I did not fit the part but God was clearly not listening to any of that. And so last Sunday, I held my first class.

It was a humbling experience and as I look into their eyes, full of expectancy,  I realize that I cannot afford to make excuses; I cannot afford to doubt myself. These young angels believe in me and my ability and that is why they sat there waiting to hear what I had to teach them.Plus, I feel like God was saying ‘Please get over yourself; this is not really about you but about my children and them knowing more about me.’ And so I decide to look at myself as a vessel to be used as and when God pleases.

As if that was not enough pressure, the lady in charge of Big Church decides to have me as the team leader for the 10-12, and I accept the challenge though a bit scared. I would not want to mess up but it is a lot if fun on the flip side. And taking attention from yourself to something bigger than you totally helps in keeping you in perspective, so I shall commit to this new challenge and give of all I am.

Now, I need ideas on how to make the classes more interactive and fun for the millenials; I need to be with it in terms of what makes them tick; what they do in their spare time; what they watch; I need to be relevant to them and understand the challenges they face today and not merely pull the ‘Back in my days…’ line.

group of happy teens

I think this is going to be an interesting journey for me as an individual and for the 10-12 as a group. I will keep you updated on the lessons… Now I need to think of games and crafts that we can work on next Sunday. We are currently learning about courage through David.


Moulding Beauty


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