It is said that if you call yourself humble then that really is pride. Therefore, I can conclude that humility is an act to be experienced and not to be talked about…

I, as a person, totally proud! I totally think the world of myself and that it rotates around me and that people should dance to the beat of my rhythm.I mean, I always have this thing of judging people; of weighing them against this almost impossible standard. Times I think I set them up to fail so as to protect me from getting hurt. Walls around the heart are built in many different ways.

Today during QT, God so softly mentions humility and I pick up my journal and he goes ahead to expound on the many ways I have not shown humility and I was humbled! lol. Seriously, I covered my face in shame but I realized it was true. I guess I had never thought of it that way but he clearly showed it to me. And hence humility becoming the focus of this week.

Today, I will just put down the definitions I have found online of humility: a modest or low view of one’s importance; the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people; a lack of ego…

I will ponder on this and let you ponder over it as well and please share your ideas…

Thank you.


Moulding Beauty.



2 thoughts on “Humility

  1. Hi Scotty, I had missed seeing you here…lol. Thank you for the comment and I hear you. Well, it is important to think positively of yourself but when you think you are better than other people then…that’s a problem. I shall keep exploring though…

  2. Imperfectious, I missed you and your writing. The topics of humility and pride / ego are of greatest interest to me always. It seems the study of it in others and myself get me closer to understanding humanity in a strong way. Many think arrogant people are egotistical, but I see those as different. I think arrogance is done with full confidence and with no care about opposing forces. Ego is that fake person inside us that gets inflated and deflated constantly and we battle to keep it inflated. If we were arrogant this wouldn’t be a focus, as nothing could deflate us. Just thought I’d mention that little thought.
    Also, you say you think so highly of yourself etc etc. Well, almost everyone does I think, but many won’t admit it.
    I hope you continue blessed

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