Christian Maturity???

During my QT today, I read from Jeremiah 12: 1-17. The Bible Study guide had the title as ‘Putting God in a dock’ because Jeremiah is complaining to God about how he is handling the whole Israel situation. One of the comments is that it is okay for us to vent our feelings especially about those experiences when God’s ways seem utterly hidden and strange, but that in the same breadth, we need to remember God’s intention is always to bless, restore and love.

god is love :  apple and frame with note from God   Apple of my eye

I know I have been there; complaining to God and how he is handling a particular situation or not handling? And I have even asked him if he has forgotten my address or that I am his child and he ought to protect me. Today I got an awakening that I believe will change the way I deal with people going forward.



I have a list of people who I look at and go like ‘God, why are you allowing that person to prosper? Did you not see how they treated me? And don’t you say that vengeance belongs to you? So how is my enemy prospering vengeance?’ And today God reminded me that he is not in the business of satisfying my selfish requests! Ouch. I know. Jesus said we ought to forgive 70 times 7 times…in one day!Like really? So he goes ahead to remind me that I may see that person as an enemy but what he sees is his child, who needs his love and attention. He goes ahead to say ‘If this child of mine, who you are calling your enemy, calls me, best believe I will answer. Remember, I am no respecter of persons, and my mission with everyone is love.’ He went on ‘Besides, don’t you think you usually are being dramatic when you throw a tantrum because someone you call your enemy is getting my attention? Remember the story of the prodigal son? That is it right here. The older brother who was home complained but the father was like, what I have is yours, and you see, the problem with him,and most Christians today is that you do not understand your place. You do not understand what it means to be my child and co-heir with Jesus.If you did, you would know there is enough to go round and you would be helping me bring back your lost brothers and sisters home. Plus, you need to remember, you have me; you know me and you know that I am there for  you and therefore you are never alone. But my other children do not know that. They have forgotten me and they turn to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity  and the like, to deal with their hurt and pain because they do not remember me or the way home or the phone number.’

I was silenced. I realized just how selfish I truly am and how indeed I was still drinking milk in matters forgiveness and love and I think today I have graduated.I of course asked for forgiveness; for feeling so entitled to certain things and forgetting that Jesus’ mission on earth was to spread love; unconditional love. And I asked him to forgive me for the number of times I sneered and felt bad because someone who hurt me seemed to be doing good and I questioned ‘God, where is the justice in this?’ I got my answer today. And that I should never forget what God’s intention is ‘to bless, to restore, and love’.


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