Keep the dream alive.

There is a song by Yolanda Adams that talks about keeping the dream alive and today, after reading a message from a friend, I realized that I need to keep my dreams alive as each one of them are valid!

It is easy to get bogged down by every day pressures and to forget that one thing that stirs your soul deep within and that brings colour to your life by simply thinking about it. It is also very simple, for life’s challenges to keep you afraid to go forth and live out your dream. The experiences you see in the market place or that your friends’ share, make you start question the validity of your ambitions.

Isn’t it interesting how we give negative thoughts so much attention and pay little to no attention to positive stuff? Well, start looking at the glass as half full.

I love arts. I love that I am creative. When I left my previous job, I had so much energy about working on my business that deals in hand made cards. I had told myself I would do all the things that I love doing. Write more and maybe get pubished. Build my cards business to a place where I supply supermarkets and gift centres. I have my cause, Moulding Beauty which I wanted to actively start working on. Learn how to play the piano. One year down the line, none of these things have taken off.And it bites me. I looked at the bills and doubt set in. Do not get me wrong, I totally love my current job. It has helped me discover some important things about myself and my professional career.My dreams though, still call to me.

My dreams have refused to be silenced. I post – pone them yes, but they do not give me an easy time. They keep popping up and reminding me that there is something I am not doing.They refuse for me to give up. I give them excuses and they seem to roll their eyes as if to say ‘ we’ve heard that before and we ain’t buying it!’

Today, these words by a friend,

There she is, what a gal. Heaven knows too well who she is, what she can do, how many she can influence, what she lives for and her true definition. 

She lives her dream and follows what her hearts calls for. I know the heights she will climb and her true satisfaction will be appreciating the far she has climbed. Go get what you yearn for. I will join to celebrate in style.

These words have ignited a fire that was almost dying and so now, a new energy has set in and I will set work towards building the foundations for my dreams to be realized. I turn 27 in 18 days. I have got to make 27 count!!!


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