Lessons From A Random Movie…

I woke up today, at 5:00 am as usual only to find I had left my TV on, again, through the night and it was on Family TV. What was airing looked like a movie and it caught my attention. Now, I usually wake up at 5:00 am to do my morning devotion and see I figured, there are different ways of spending time with God. So I sat up and watched. True to my thinking, it was no coincidence I believe.It was quite timely and I guess there were a few things the Lord wanted to pass across to me that He has been trying to but I have just been too stubborn to listen.

1. The man should never forget that he is the Priest of the family and therefore should always commit it to the Lord.

2. The people we date/marry have a direct effect on our relationship with God, hence it is paramount to be on the same page.

3. A believer and non believer is a recipe for disaster, mainly because, one relationship, for the believer, will always suffer. You cannot serve two masters at a time. The two become one, but how can two walk together unless they are in agreement? So, what agreement exactly is there between a believer and a non-believer. A pastor once said that Christian ladies become awesome intercessors, when they are dating men who are not believers. I know the challenges of dating a non-believer and how it makes me tone down my relationship with Jesus and I wonder why I keep falling for this trap.Jesus answered it in the movie – I do not trust Him enough to take care of that part of my life.I feel like He doesn’t quite get what I want but I mean, He knit me together in my momma’s womb, what doesn’t He know about me?

I had a moment at this point and I made a decision to simply not get in a relationship with a man who is not a believer.How will he be a Priest then? Very difficult decision but compared to the flip side of the coin, I think I can be uncomfortable now, to have an awesome life later.

4. Forgiveness. I was reminded that Jesus died for everyone’s sins and even that person who has hurt me so badly and I feel justified to hold a grudge on, Jesus died for them as well and so it is very hypocritical to want them to pay up for a ‘bill’ that has already been paid for, the same amount as my own.That was bitter to swallow but I pray the Lord will keep me humble enough to always remember this before seeking revenge.

5. Jesus is a gentle-man and He will never force us to do His will or follow Him but He sure does move heaven and earth to try and get to us before the devil can. He speaks to us countless times; He reaches out in all manner of ways but it is up to us to either receive Him or not. The final decision lies with us.He knows what the other option is; it hurts Him so, but love never, ever, forces its way. Being with someone you love but who does not love you back is not fun at all. So, I cannot ever force my way with the people I love.I can air out my opinion; I can do my best to make them see my point of view, but I need to give them space to make their decision and even though it hurts afterwards, it was their choice to make; never make it about me.

6. Pride is the thing that causes us to sin, no wonder it comes before a fall. It is because of pride that we steal; thinking we are entitled to have something that someone else has. It is pride that causes us to cheat on our spouses because we think we have the right to either revenge or get whatever we want or because we are hurt then we have the right. It is pride that causes un-forgiveness, we feel we have the right… Look at everything we do that is not right and proper and you will realize that somewhere in our minds we justify it.That justification is pride!

7. Some times our doors open because someone else has been busy on their knees praying for us. Yes,God does answer prayers on behalf of others. Be grateful to all those people who hold you up in prayer.

8. Our trials and tests and difficulties are there to mold us into something better.What does not kill you, makes you stronger. God will always give you beauty for ashes and He will always cause all things to work together for good to those who love Him and live according to His will.Do not be too bothered about where you are and how uncomfortable it is, God has a grand plan.

9. Last but definitely not least, Jesus LOVES ME! He loves me. He loves me. HE LOVES ME!

He loves you too!

Have a good one,




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