The Other Woman…

There comes a time in a girl’s world,when she has to be selfish and solely think of her and how the relationships in her life are actually helping her.

You see,the woman can handle quite a lot.A woman in her nature is super strong but she,also has her limits.

A woman yes,is a nurturer and she cares and loves,almost as if by default but she also needs to be taken care of.

So there is a lady,who loved the wrong man.Wrong because he was taken;he belonged to another.She,at first did not see it coming,but with every so called ‘innocent’ coffee dates,the bond grew stronger and before long,the taken man became her confidante.He became the person she would ask for advice before embarking on anything and before long,the two were like an item.

He did a good job of making her “forget” he was taken,by giving her more than enough attention and by rarely,if ever,discussing his other life.She bought into the facade.She bought into the idea that they could live happily ever after.

With the comfort with each other,the openness grew and soon he was talking about his family with her. And at first she pretended to be okay with it,until the day her needs were set aside so he could attend to a family emergency.That rocked her world and not in a good way and the reality that she is the other woman,hit her so strongly that she felt her world came crashing down…

She had always been careful about the men she fell for.How did she allow herself to fall so hard and with the wrong man?She was vulnerable at the moment of meeting him but that still was no excuse.She knew better than to deal with a married man.How had it happened?And what did God think of her now?

She broke down and cried her eyes out.She begged her God to forgive her and as much as it hurt,for she had fallen in love,she chose to cut the chord!And no,she did not call or text to let him know,she simply went silent.

His calls and texts went unanswered.He would go to her house and knock but there was just no answer.And slowly,the calla,texts and knocks reduced until they altogether died.It hurt her so much,because she somehow believed he actually did love her,and you know,you never really want the person you love to hurt but when that love is wrong,you must suffer that pain.

And slowly she started rebuilding her life.She started focusing on herself and God as her sole confidante,because yes,the grace of the Lord is sufficient enough to forgive any repentant heart.

Her decision to do the write thing stemmed from a selfishness of the man putting his family before her and it is just what she needed to wake her from Cinderella fantasy into reality;she would always take second place and that was not God’s portion for her life. She had taken a wrong turn but that did not mean she was damned for life.She could pick up the pieces and start afresh and that’s what she did because God is a God of second chances.

She took up God’s offer of a second chance.And as they say,time heals all wounds and before long,the tears were replaced by hearty laughters and his memory was distant;almost forgotten.She would see him on the streets and malls and all,and as it happens with someone you love,you never really forget them,but now she could almost say hi to him without her ground shaking beneath her…

(Inspired by a character in a movie)




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